1st European School on Health Information

Health Information Training Course on Health Examination Survey: From Data Collection to Policy Dialogue and Translation

1, 8, 22, 29 October and 5 November 2020

About the Course

This Course aims at addressing fundamental Health Information tools and methods used by public health professionals and, likewise, to contribute to the European Health Information Training Programme and Strategy, with a clear example of a course that could be offered by InfAct and by a Distributed Research Infrastructure on Population Health (DIPoH) in the future, contributing to a sustainable improvement of capacity and equity in Europe.

The course topics were selected aiming to contribute for the convergence in using European standard methods and will be based on HI fundamentals, plus innovative contributions from the InfAct work packages and experts.

This first European School on Health Information will also provide additional information for further improvement of the Programme. Additionally, this first course will enable to collect important information, which will help designing the roadmap for health information equity and sustainability.

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Course objective

This course aims at providing public health professionals with practical knowledge about European and National approaches to Health Information, focusing on the development of Health Examination Surveys, covering from Data Collection to Policy Dialogue and Translation aspects.

Course Core Structure

The course will be organized in 5 full-day online classes, between October 1 and November 5, 2020. Each class will include theoretical and practical sessions, group work among trainees and discussion of practical cases and projects on health information in which trainees and trainers are involved.

Each day will be dedicated to a relevant topic related to health information:

  • Day 1: Health information systems, data sources, metrics and indicators
  • Day 2: Health data analysis and interpretation
  • Day 3: Transfer from health data to policy and clinical practice
  • Day 4: Interoperability and record linkage
  • Day 5: Data protection (GDPR) and ethical questions for health information

In the week before the course, the trainees will be asked to invest few hours in the preparatory session (this will be the pre-course component), through reading and research, and in the following week, carry out a final work (report) for consolidation of contents and final evaluation.

Course Evaluation

This course will present four comprehensive levels of evaluation:

  • The participants’ application, in terms of alignment with the theme and objectives of the course
  • The performance evaluation at the end of the training sessions
  • The final project report
  • The satisfaction surveys