The InfAct project

InfAct (Information for Action) is a Joint Action on Health Information.

It is a 36 months project funded by the European Commission. It will build on the BRIDGE Health project and other initiatives in health information. The project was launched in March 2018. It includes 40 partners in 28 countries.

InfAct aims is to create and develop a sustainable solid infrastructure on EU health information through improving the availability of comparable, robust and policy-relevant health status data and health system performance information. Through country collaboration, InfAct will streamline health information activities, reduces the data collection burden and works for a sustainable and robust data collection in Europe that facilitates and supports country knowledge, health research and policy making.

InfAct has the objective:

  • To develop the business case and roadmap for implementation of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium on Health Information for Research and Evidence-based Policy (HIREP-ERIC)
  • To assess health information systems in MS and regions
  • To develop a roadmap for training in health information to tackle health information inequality through Europe
  • To standardise health information instruments, tools and methods
  • To strengthen the health information efficiency for public health policy through new ways of using health and non-health data sources,
  • To enhance the introduction of the interoperability of health data sources
  • To enhance the translation of health information into public policy

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